Resources That Help Kids Understand Viruses and Pandemics

Resources That Help Kids Understand Viruses and Pandemics

It is difficult to imaging how strange it must be as a kid to wake up one day and see everyone you know wearing a mask, and telling you to do the same. Whether you’re children are of the age where they like to roam the playground or roam the internet, there must be a lot of rumors, speculations, and less than credible narratives out there as to what is going on around us. While Pandem Gear is constantly striving to provide solutions that improve the wellness of families and businesses, we understand that sometimes the first step is educating others, and
in this instance, educating kids on what is going on. Below are a few resources that may help you inform your young humans as to what and why things have changed during the school year:

Tutorials: – has many tools and engaging resources to explain viruses and other. – has a large section of pages and explanation tools to help animate the situation and assist in providing understanding to kids. – provides a guide to adults about communicating with kids and the messaging methods appropriate to help them understand the issues.


As you can imagine, there are a lot of videos on youtube that approach the subject of of viruses and bacteria. Below are a few options to help break the ice and help kids visualize why things are different now:

Cincinnaiti Children’s: Provides short videos on social distancing, fear and concern around the virus, people wearing masks, how to stop germs, and when to seek medical care. Each are about 2 minutes long, just long enough for your kids to realize they’re staying still.

Children’s National: Short videos emphasizing healthy habits and positive affirmation surrounding prevention and general issues around the world. Peekaboo Kidz Dr Binocs:
The youtube series provides answers to many questions kids may have related to health issues such as allergies, parasites, etc. For kids that have an interest in science or medicine, they will enjoy these resources.

Games / Interactive sites:

Has an interactive website that has graphics, games, and quizzes, etc… It may be incumbent upon parenting styles to add incentives or recognition after completing the challenges.

For Teens:
a video from global news addressing the story of a healthy 19 year old who caught the virus in CANADA.

CDC Q&A for Teens:
This provides an explanation for teens regarding the protocols that have been put in place.

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