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MuteDaddy Sonic Controller

MuteDaddy Sonic Controller provides a series of customizable mute functions to erase the annoying and distracting aspects of watching network television commercials.


Introducing MuteDaddy, a better way to mute annoying TV programming. Among the many reasons that streaming services have become the prevalent choice among TV viewers are in part due to the lack of interruptions and annoying spikes in volume. What if you could watch network television while controlling the interruptions of commercials? Now you can. It seems like everyday TV commercials are getting louder. Avoid the seemingly endless stream of repetitive, offensive, annoying, and embarrassing commercials with the help of MuteDaddy.

With just a few presses of the large easy to find set button you can sit back and relax, avoiding the noise pollution. During a one-hour prime-time TV show there are over 15 minutes of station breaks and as many as 75 commercials. They are careful crafters by psychologists and marketing experts to manipulating your decisions as a consumer. You can now customize your network television by ordering a MuteDaddy Controller.

Many people enjoy having the simplicity of having just a few buttons to control the commercials they are exposed to, along with the easy to handle shape of MuteDaddy. This device is designed to reduce headaches, reduce stress, and give you better control of the sounds in your environment.

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