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Doolys – Adjustable Mask Holders

Doolys is a unique lanyard that holds your mask, while simultaneously holding another item such as your glasses, ID card, or another item. This patented product prevents you from dropping, losing, or mishandling your mask again.


Almost every strap and lanyard being sold to hold masks are not adjustable, or can only hold one thing at a time, until now…
Doolys is an adjustable mask holder that provides a patented system allowing you to hold your glasses, mask, ID card, and more simultaneously. Doolys is a unique single strap item that can hold either two pairs of glasses or a pair of glasses and an identification card, fishing hooks, scorecards, masks, binoculars, etc. In contrast to other maks holders out on the market, Dooyls are far more practical, adjustable, versatile, and will last for years to come. 









The biggest difference is that Doolys will be useful well after the pandemic has passed,when people no longer need mask holders. Doolys is perfect for those looking for more than just an adjustable strap that holds the mask. Doolys can quickly convert into a way to hold glasses, ID Cards, keys, and more. If you’re looking for the most versatile and convenient adjustable mask strap, that will still be useful well after the pandemic, than Doolys is a perfect choice.

Most of us at one point or another forgot to grab our mask, misplaced the mask, or just dropped it on the floor. Such occurrences can be a thing of the past, as you this lanyard allows you to keep your mask comfortably around your neck when you aren’t wearing it. Dooyls is a unique product with a patented design held by PandemGear. This product is great for parents traveling to theme parks, professionals traveling to conferences who wish to stand out, and those who just enjoy reducing stress and multitasking. We offer bulk purchases for those who would like to offer this product at their conference booth. Please keep in mind that we need approximately 20-30 days for orders over 500, with corporate logos. We also provide these for agencies and government entities that have card access entryways. You wont find this product on other sites, as we are the exclusive manufacture and owner of the US Patent.