Fly Trap Devices

Fly on your Mind? Five Devices for Keeping Flies and Other Bugs Away.

With the recent attention of flies in the media, and the occasional spike in concerns over diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes and other insects, we thought it appropriate to take some time and go over a few devices that help keep the buzz of pests out of your home or business. For a list of disease spread by insects, you can check a list published here by

A number of reasons why you may wish to use an electronic device, as opposed to just a spray or candle include: a) less toxic, b) lower chance of digesting chemicals, c) little to no smell of fumes, d) more cost-effective over time, and e) better for the environment. Here are five device types to consider when looking to keep flies and other insects off your head:

  1. UV light traps: These devices work to reduce insects in our area by attracting them with ultraviolet light, and then zapping the insect with an electric current. Some models also deploy suction or vacuuming mechanisms to trap flies and mosquitos while they are moving toward the heat or light provided by the device.

  1. Electronic Repellent Devices: Companies like Thermacell have lamps and plug-in devices that allow you to place a cartridge in the device that works similar to placing a cartridge in a bathroom freshener, except these devices emit a repellent that covers a zone of protection.

  1. Fly Fans – For those who are enjoying a BBQ outside, or have prepared food for eating outdoors, but don’t wish to have any chemicals near the food or family, there are fans designed to keep insects away. Usually these fans provide flexible blades so there is no risk of cutting fingers or other body party in the process.

  1. Solar / LED repellents: Many of the previously mentioned concepts have found variations by using solar power, or focusing on LED light to repel insects. The benefit of these devices is that you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn them on or off, they are set to work during set times of the day, and they use renewable power, requiring no cords or wires.

  1. Ultrasonic emitters: These devices use electromagnetic waves to repel insects and some rodents. Result from the ultrasonic products are more geared to prevention over time, Ultrasonic pest repellent claims to repel pests (e.g., rodents and insects) and can cause disturbance to the theses pests by emitting vibrations and ultrasound waves that penetrate behind walls. The bugs and rodents cannot tolerate the ultrasonic sound and vibrations; thus, the pests will move on. However, if the pest has a natural or man mand food supply nearby, it is possible that the emitter will have mixed results.


The CDC reports that cases of disease in children have tripled in the last 13 years (FY 04-16 Over 640,000 cases were documented and reported to the CDC in a 13 year time span. Some sites actually tack the number of cases by states, which can educate individuals about the prevalence of such concerns, ex: PandemGear sells each of the devices refenced above, at discount prices within our eStore which can be accessed by clicking here.

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